Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Whisper Gets Louder

"The last nail in the coffin."
If someone else had said the above, Alex Jones for instance, then I probably wouldn't pay so much attention. But it was Steven E Jones who said this at a recent 9/11 conference in Boston. He was refering to his analysis of egg shell like 'red chips' which, he claims, are fragments of unexploded thermite. These red chips share the same basic chemical signature of the once molten micro-spheres (both of which were found in WTC dust samples) and show a strong resemblence - a match? - to commercial themite.
Obviously this is significant. If these results are confirmed - Jones has sent samples to be independently verified, and invites others to analyse his work - then this is physical evidence of the existence of thermite at the WTC. Physical evidence. Whether or not it is the final nail in the coffin is hard to say. There's already quite a lot of nails in this particular coffin as it is. There might not be room for any more...
[See excerpt of Jones discussing the red strips below.]

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