Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Fascist America is a thought provoking essay by Naomi Wolf in which she identifies the basic blueprint for fascism and asks how far the Bush/Cheney administration has gone towards implememnting this blueprint in the US.
Interestingly I heard Wolf being interviewed on the radio a few days ago. She said that a friend of hers who had lost relatives (I think it was relatives) in the Holocaust had been telling her for some time about how fascistic the US is becoming, but Wolf thought this was an extreme reaction. But when Wolf looked into it she was surprised by what she found. Wolf said that she was escpecially struck by similarities between changes in German politics in the early 30's and changes in US politics today. Then as now, people are expected to surrender civil liberties for the sake of National Security. Then as now, people are told that this is necessay because of a marginalised, exaggerated and much fabricated threat. (Then as now, a false flag stood at the summit of these changes?)

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