Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Michael Ruppert confronts the CIA (Coke Import Agency)

Michael Ruppert - of From the Wilderness - confronts Clinton's CIA director John Deutch about CIA drug running.

I thought I'd add a quote I came across recently. "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." No, not Alex Jones. It was in fact said by William Colby, former director of the CIA (1973-1976). Incidentally, Colby was succeeded in his post by George Bush. President Ford had become increasingly pissed off with Colby for being so open with congress about CIA operations and tactics. This openess eventually cost Colby his job. What cost Colby his life? Supposedy it was some freak canoe accident - coincidentally, not long after he said the above. Hmmm. I'm saying nothing.

[Incidentally, if you look at Colby's Wiki entry (linked in the name above) be mindful that it is known that the CIA has edited parts of it. Source: Wikipedia's own WikiScanner programme, which shows the location of computers from which entries have been edited. In this particular case, they were computers known to be used by the CIA.]

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