Monday, 14 April 2008

Steve E Jones Paper To Be Published In Science Journal

On 4 April Steven E Jones revealed on his blog that he has had a paper on his 9/11 research peer-reviewed for publication in a mainstream science journal. Whilst I don't know the content of the paper this is nevertheless another major step forward for Jones and the 9/11 Truth movement. Science journals don't deal with "conspiracy theories" (whatever the hell they are), they - like Jones - deal with science and verifiable facts.
In the same blog post Jones said that, just days after the paper was accepted, he was contacted once again by the "engineer with government contacts". This is the same engineer who told Jones he would lose his job at Brigham University unless he took his earlier paper on 9/11 off the internet. Jones refused, and within days was forced by the university to go on paid leave (he later decided to take early retirement). This time the engineer said, "you may never be able to accept that what I have said is the truth, because accepting this means that you have made many serious technical errors. However, you will have to accept this someday."
More veiled threats by the man with contacts to the government. Jones says, "What do you think he is referring to, some gov't program such as a "special camp" for those who question the 9/11 story? (j/k, I hope...)" So do we, Dr Jones. After all, those detention camps aren't being built to house no one.
And finally, Jones once again advises people in the US to get stocked up with enough food and water to last at least three months (preferably a year) in case of some internal state of emergency within the US. This is quite a shocking endictment of how much faith people in the US have in their government. But looking at governmental responses to things like Katrina, the 9/11 first responders, the constitution, liberty, free speech, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan (indeed, you could just fill in the blank), then this endictment isn't so surprising. The threat of martial law is ever present in the US. All it will take is the right spark. A spark the military industrial complex is no doubt baying for.

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